Blackbird Technologies brings top law firm experience to bear with small company efficiency. The result is a new model for individual inventors and small companies to monetize their intellectual property.

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From the inventors:
"I’ve been waiting for you to call."

The patent’s inventors had tried for years to make money from their invention. They did everything that independent inventors should do. They filed for patent protection. They tried to partner with established companies in the industry. They tried to manufacture the product themselves. Finally, after many years of trying, money ran out and they had to move on. They sat on the sidelines and watched the market for their invention explode. In 2014, Blackbird Technologies spoke with the inventors and they were hopeful again.

"I spent more than a decade and a lot of money trying to bring my invention to market, but there were many unforeseen obstacles along the way. I am grateful to Blackbird Technologies for helping me recover some revenue from this patent."
"After I developed this technology I wanted others to get the benefit. But, the big companies didn’t want to license it and I couldn’t compete with them. Ultimately, I gave up until Blackbird came along. I am happy and feel vindicated to see revenue from all of my hard work on this technology."
"After many years of trying to bring this invention to the market, we hit a brick wall. I thought we would never see a penny until I spoke with Blackbird Technologies. With them, I have seen real value from our patent."