Blackbird Technologies brings top law firm experience to bear with small company efficiency. The result is a new model for individual inventors and small companies to monetize their intellectual property.

The Problem
These days, it is almost impossible for individual inventors and small companies to make money from their patents. The system is stacked against them. The cost of litigation against infringers is prohibitive; small to moderately sized cases cost $1M or more. Most monetary awards from litigation of these patents are not sufficient to justify the high costs of litigation, so law firms are not willing to take these cases. Equally problematic, there is a large power imbalance between individual inventors and small companies on one hand, and large corporations on the other. Using this imbalance to their advantage, large corporations will typically buy or license these patents at well below what they are worth. As a result, individual inventors and small companies have no path to realize the real value of their patents.

The Solution
Blackbird Technologies provides a unique opportunity for individual inventors and small companies to realize the value of their patents. By using in-house expertise, rather than expensive law firms, Blackbird Technologies is able to litigate at reduced costs and achieve results that equal or exceed what a law firm would recover. This company creates efficiencies that make it possible for individual inventors and small companies to see the end game – realizing the true value of their patents.

Our Expertise
Founders Wendy Verlander and Chris Freeman were partners at two of the most successful intellectual property law firms in the country – WilmerHale and Kirkland & Ellis. Collectively, Ms. Verlander and Mr. Freeman have over 35 years of patent litigation experience in the engineering and computer software fields. They have successfully litigated and settled dozens of cases, and represented some of the largest technology companies in the world.

While Ms. Verlander and Mr. Freeman were at their former firms, WilmerHale and Kirkland & Ellis were consistently recognized for their patent litigation achievements. WilmerHale was named “IP Litigation Department of the Year” by the American Lawyer, a prominent legal publication, “IP Group of the Year” by IPLaw360, and “Patent Contentious Firm of the Year” by Managing IP. Kirkland & Ellis was named “Patent Litigation Law Firm of the Year” by U.S. News and World Report, and is repeatedly ranked as one of the top IP litigation firms by publications such as Chambers and Partners, and Managing IP.

In addition to the founders, Blackbird Technologies has assembled a group of litigators from some of the best patent litigation groups in the country. They bring to bear not only vast experience in all aspects of patent litigation, but strong technical backgrounds in engineering and computer science. Together, this patent litigation team operates at the highest level and achieves results equal to the best law firms.