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Blackbird Technologies, a company dedicated to helping independent inventors and small companies realize value from their patents, has settled a patent infringement lawsuit with Kobi Electric, Inc. and filed new cases concerning LED bulbs.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 27, 2016

Blackbird Technologies settled with Kobi Electric and filed new cases concerning LED bulbs.

Blackbird Technologies filed patent infringement lawsuits in January 2015 on United States Patent No. 7,086,747 in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware. The technology relates to LED light bulbs used as replacement bulbs for fluorescent tubes. Blackbird Technologies previously settled with Green Creative LLC (15-cv-00059), Home Ever, Inc. doing business as Lighting Ever, Inc. (15-cv-00061), Service Lighting and Electrical Supplies, Inc. doing business as and Precision Lighting and Transformer, Inc. (together, 15-cv-00053). More recently, Blackbird Technologies settled with Kobi Electric, Inc. (15-cv-00064).

Blackbird Technologies has also filed nine new cases on this patent against lighting manufacturers LEDi2, Inc. (16-cv-00965), Hyperikon, Inc. (16-cv-0966), EiKO Global, LLC (16-cv-00967), RemPhos Technologies LLC (16-cv-00968), DAMAR Worldwide 4 LLC (16-cv-0969), TADD, LLC (16-cv-00970), Halcom Lighting Technologies, LLC (16-cv-00971), Innoled Lighting Inc. (16-cv-00972) and Espen Technology Inc. (16-cv-00973).

Wendy Verlander, President and CEO of Blackbird Technologies, stated, “Blackbird Technologies was formed to help level the playing field for inventors and small companies. It is very gratifying for us to be able to help these smaller players see real value from their important inventions. This patented technology has revolutionized the lighting industry, allowing fluorescent tube lights – once universally used in commercial and industrial settings – to be replaced by more efficient and environmentally friendly LED bulbs.”

About Blackbird Technologies

Blackbird Technologies provides a unique opportunity for individual inventors and small companies to realize the value of their patents. By using in-house expertise, rather than expensive law firms, Blackbird Technologies is able to litigate at reduced costs and achieve results that equal or exceed what a law firm would recover. This company creates efficiencies that make it possible for individual inventors and small companies to see the end game – realizing the true value of their patents.

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